The Vernacular Music Center Scholarship

Description: The College of Visual and Performing Arts is pleased to announce the Vernacular Music Center Scholarship in Traditional Music, offered for the very first time for academic year 2007-2008. Following competitive auditions, the Scholarship will be awarded annually to a qualified student who has both gained admission to the School of Music and also displays exceptional talent in the performance of one or more traditional musics.

Duties: The scholarship recipient will be expected to teach the occasional master-class in his/her area of traditional music expertise; to present 1 recital of traditional music per semester; to assist in recruitment for the scholarship; and to perform other duties as requested (ensemble coaching, service in special performance events, etc.).

Audition requirements

Audition dates

For more information on the VMC Scholarship, you can contact the VMC Director, Dr Christopher Smith.

For general information on admission to the TTU School of Music, and other scholarships available, contact Carin Wanner, Coordinator of Admissions and Scholarships.

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